10 best sex clubs in London

10 best sex clubs in London


If you’re planning a one-night stopover in London and want to spend it as effectively as possible, then there are plenty of entertaining things to do.

You’ll find a number of options within easy reach of central London, including theme parks and crazy golf courses, but it can be hard to find good information about the best sex clubs in London, especially if you’re visiting from out of town.

If you want to make sure that you don’t miss any of the best sex clubs in London and make sure you know where they are, this article will help you out with all the places that are worth checking out.

The clubs on our list vary widely, so there’s something here for everyone or you can check out what we have to offer on Trikz.


Located on Old Compton Street, and they don’t call it X-rated for nothing!

This is one of the best sex clubs in London for anyone wanting to have some fun, although it has a fantastic atmosphere and lots of girls who are always up for a good time.

The club opens at 7pm and goes on until 2am every night, so if you feel like being really late or really early (no judgment!) then Xtasia will accommodate your needs.

You can drink there but there is no need as everything else you might need will be provided here! If you want to meet with some lovely girls and have fun in one of the best sex clubs in London then get down to Xtasia on Old Compton Street now.

Liquid Love

Taking its name from a 1960s dance club, Liquid is home to posh cocktails and plenty of naughty fun.

With a strict dress code, it’s best to come dressed to impress – let your imagination run wild with what you can get up to in one of their private rooms!

Don’t be fooled by its upper-class veneer; you never know what could happen behind closed doors… With a friendly staff on hand to ensure your needs are met, don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want.

If all else fails, there are always some fun toys available for purchase or why not have some drinks delivered? Whatever takes your fancy!


As one of UK’s premier sex clubs and one of the best sex clubs in London, Crossbreed is known for being discreet and decadent.

Those who venture into its hidden location can partake in all manner of debauchery with a diverse range of sexual preferences, orientations and tastes.

There are over 14 themed rooms available, including a cinema room complete with a comfy sofa, pool table and large-screen TV as well as separate rooms dedicated to bondage and chastity play as well as foot worship or bondage, making it one of the best sex clubs in London.

Although strictly members only, newcomers are always welcome during special fetish nights (Thursdays).

Swinging Heaven Club

Some of the best sex clubs in London are swinger clubs where you can meet likeminded people for some shared intimacy.

The Swinging Heaven Club on South Lambeth Road is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with over 50 themed rooms available for couples and single ladies.

There’s an admission charge which is paid by both parties when they register so that one person isn’t left footing more than their fair share of running costs.

Klub Verboten

10 best sex clubs in London

Each month, more than 100 swingers show up to Klub Verboten’s rotating venue to get their groove on.

Most nights consist of dancing and socializing, with special fetish nights reserved for variety.

While it isn’t known for its strict dress code, it is worth noting that patrons don’t let anything slide when it comes to underwear (or lack thereof).

This club is frequented by couples and singles who are interested in exploring every nook and cranny of life from time to time; as a result, most attendees make sure they adhere to an unwritten code of conduct regarding behaviour between genders, threesomes and strangers.

Killing Kittens

Often considered one of the best sex clubs in London, Killing Kittens is open to couples and single ladies only – and it’s only open on Friday nights.

As a private members’ club bringing together some of London’s most well-heeled ladies (primarily bankers, PR gurus, models and actresses) for a night of exquisite decadence at a secret address, it is not hard to see why many consider Killing Kittens one of the best sex clubs in London.

The sex party attracts an exclusive crowd; you must be personally invited by an existing member or sponsored by a member to attend.

Male escorts are also welcome if they’re brought along with a female guest. If you can get past all that, then prepare yourself for one of London’s best parties.

Kinky Salon London

Kinky Salon is one of the longest running and best sex clubs in London, boasting an enviable reputation for having something on every night.

With special events held at Studio66 on Clapham Common and in nearby Kings Cross, Kinky Salon prides itself on bringing some of London’s best party hosts to liven up a venue that many see as one of the best sex clubs in London.

What really sets Kinky Salon apart from its competitors though is their ‘anything goes’ attitude – so if you want to watch, play or just mingle with other kinksters, head to one of these next generation sex clubs near Vauxhall.

Best enjoyed after a pre-drinks session at Circle Club or Flat Iron Square!

Torture Garden

This is not only one of London’s most famous sex clubs, but it’s also known as a gay-friendly club.

Torture Garden is located just off Carnaby Street, which is a short walk from Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus tube stations.

Although access to Torture Garden isn’t free – there’s a £15 cover charge for men on Fridays and Saturdays – that fee grants you entry to over 300 sexual activities.

The membership to Torture Garden includes access to private dungeons, torture chambers and sling rooms. You can even watch bondage demonstrations and see local artists perform live bondage art shows if you time your visit correctly.

An experience not to be missed and one of the absolute best sex clubs in London.

Skirt Club

So, you want to be a member of a sex club but don’t have time to spare from work and your social calendar?

Look no further than Skirt Club, which offers women-only memberships. Yes, it might sound like prostitution (as some critics have said), but think of it as an exclusive club for only those who know exactly what they want out of their sex life.

Membership is open to single women or women in relationships. You’ll get paired with other like-minded ladies and male escorts when you want one.

Services range from £150 to £1,200 an hour depending on when you go – the later at night, the more expensive it gets.

Club Antichrist

10 best sex clubs in London

For those looking for a BDSM fix, there’s Club Antichrist, a fetish club that takes place on Wednesdays at The Black Heart.

Think of it as a pop-up shop filled with whips and masks and everything else you could possibly want – if you’re into that sort of thing.

A strict door policy doesn’t allow for light hearts or virgins: You must have attended three such events to gain entry. So if it’s your first time, make sure to check out some videos online (we suggest starting with Deep Throat) so you know what it involves.

It’s not for the faint hearted but it’s up there as one of the best sex clubs in London.

* None of the webcam models depicted on this page are escorts

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