5 easy ways to get more calls as an escort

5 easy ways to get more calls as an escort

Getting more calls as an escort means more opportunities to earn money but how do you go about attracting more clients? It doesn’t have to be rocket science; the answers are in your advertising.

A man’s sex drive can easily be set off by visual cues so make sure you always look your best and present yourself well online.

Here, we’ve gathered some tips to help you get more calls.

Use sharp, high-quality photos

You’re a business and you’re the product! Today’s most successful businesses don’t sell their products short by using low-resolution, grainy photos. Take Apple as an example. Every single product photo on Apple’s website is well-lit, high-resolution, and creatively presented. Granted, Apple’s marketing department is on a multi-million-dollar budget, but taking good photos is really not that difficult with today’s smartphones and cameras.

When taking photos for your escort listings, make sure the room is well-lit, preferably with natural light, and avoid closeups and basic-looking environments. Vice wrote an excellent article on how to take the best nude selfies. If you haven’t read it, we highly recommend you do.

Add a few amateur snaps

With today’s technological advancements, it’s almost impossible to see what photos are real and what’s fake. Clients want to see you’re genuine and adding a few holiday snaps or photos from a night out will give them confidence. Again, you should only upload photos that present you well. If you’re thinking about uploading that old photo from a dungeon in Kent, you visited when you were dressed down – don’t!

Add a couple of photos from a glam night out or a bikini shot from a trip abroad. It makes you come across as human and, most importantly, genuine.

Add plenty of details about yourself

You might write a section about how sweet and gentle you are and how you want clients to taste your sweet nectar. That’s all good and well, but don’t forget your stats! There’s nothing worse for clients than reading through an escort listing and not getting a single clue about the measurements of the girl.

Of course, you should never share anything you’re not comfortable with. But going back to the Apple analogy: would you buy an iPhone if you didn’t know the specifications?

Our data suggests that clients browsing TS escorts mainly look at penis size, cup size, position (top, bottom, versatile), height, and age.

Add a well-lit video

We all know about the magic of photoshop and, of course, Snapchat filters. A photo can be manipulated in more ways than the eye can catch and that misleads clients, so they become wary. With a natural well-lit video, you can show off your best features and clients will feel confident that what they’ve seen in your photos is real. It’s important, however, that no filters are added to the video as that would break the same trust, you’re trying so hard to build. By all means, glam yourself up and look your best, but don’t do it digitally.

We wrote a blog post on how to make videos to attract subscribers which gives more detailed video advice. You can read it here.

Lead with an explicit photo

We touched on this in the intro: men are set off by visual cues. Our data suggests that advertising accounts with explicit lead photos have higher click-through rates. Your listings aren’t the time or place to be shy. Hundreds of TS escorts are competing for attention online and those with the best marketing are likely to run off with the best clients and the most money.

To make sure you’re competitive, lead with a lingerie photo or, even better, a photo with all your assets out. Your bank account will thank you for it. In the end, the goal is to build trust between yourself and the client before he’s even dialed your number. The more positive vibes you give out in your advertising, the more calls you’re going to receive, which means your account balance will be well in the green.

* None of the webcam models depicted on this page are escorts

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