Top 3 things to ask from your sugar daddy

Oh, the things to ask from your sugar daddy. The list is probably long – but are you asking for the right things? Your youthful looks won’t last forever, and neither will your sugar daddy. You’ll get older, your looks will wane, and he’ll move on to the next young, hot thing. But if you’re […]

Best OnlyFans alternatives for sex workers (2021)

In light of the recent OnlyFans adult material ban announcement, we’ve looked at some of the best OnlyFans alternatives for sex workers. With 258 million monthly visitors and billions of pounds in revenue, OnlyFans is by far the most popular content subscription service in the world. The platform has enabled tens of thousands of sex […]

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

Once again, we bring to you last month’s most popular TS escorts. We reveal who was the punters’ favourites among the hundreds of girls on Trikz and we give you the stats and the data behind the rankings. July’s been far from ordinary with ‘Freedom Day’ on the 19th and tourism slowly beginning to pick […]

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in June

Who were the most popular TS escorts last month? The results are in. With the easing of lockdown restrictions, we’ve seen a steady grow in traffic on Trikz. Since coming out of full lockdown in April, we’ve seen a sharp increase in interest in TS escorts despite some restrictions remaining in place. June was the […]

The best TS pornstars on OnlyFans (UK)

Not getting bang for your bucks on OnlyFans? We’ve subscribed to and tested 25 accounts to give you the five best TS pornstars on OnlyFans in the UK. The best content on OnlyFans usually ends up on the porn sites. But if you’ve ever subscribed to a performer on OnlyFans, you’ll know that for every […]

3 easy ways to meet TS escorts in London

How do you meet TS escorts in London? The most straightforward, no-nonsense option is an escort directory like Trikz and if that’s what you prefer, then head to our Search page and find the perfect match for you. If you haven’t used our Add to compare feature, you should definitely check that out too. Browse […]

5-step guide to be a successful escort in London

This 5-step guide to be a successful escort in London will equip you with the knowledge needed to relocate to The Big Smoke – from finding the right neighbourhood to determining the rates you charge; we’ve got you covered. While you might have gotten a few good tips already, here we dive into the dark […]