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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I post a listing?

You must be registered and have an active package to post a listing. Create an account and purchase a package. We offer 1, 7, 30, and 90 day packages. Once you’re signed up and your purchase is successful, you’ll be able to submit your listing.

2. How do I promote my listing?

You’ll be able to add promotions to your listing during the creation process and in the period it’s active.

We offer seven different promotions:

Sidebar – Single Ad

Adds your listing to the sidebar on profile pages.

Homepage – Keyword Search

Adds your listing among the first in search results on the homepage.

Anywhere – Colour Bump

Highlights your listing in a different colour across the website.

In Map – Pin Bump

Highlights your listing’s map pin on the search map.

In Search – Above Basic Ads

Displays your listing above basic listings on the search page.

Bump Up

Bump Up is only accessible to users with active promotions and becomes available once your listing slides down the order. When bumping your listing, it’s added to the top of it’s respective promotion (e.g. Hottest Escorts).

3. How many pictures can I post on my listing?

All packages come with eight free pictures and one free video. Users can post four additional pictures and one additional video. Any additional media is £2.50 each.

4. How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, please contact support on or using the form on the Contact page.

5. How do I report a user?

To report a user, click on Report under the listing headline and select a reason from the dropdown menu. We’re not able to act on unsubstantiated claims.

6. How do I get a receipt for a purchase?

We’ll send you an email receipt after each order. You can also find your receipts under Orders in your account settings.

7. How do I update my listing?

You can manage your listing under Listings in your account settings. To edit your listing, click on the green pencil icon and proceed to update whichever section you wish to change.

8. I need to delete a listing and re-post it.

Every purchased package comes with one single listing. Once a listing has been used, you will not be able to post another one unless a new package is purchased. Please contact support if you deleted your listing by accident.

9. How do I compare listings?

To compare listings, go to each of your preferred listings and click on Add to compare under the photo section. You can compare as many listings as you want but we recommend comparing three at a time.

10. It’s my first time seeing a TS escort.

If it’s your first time considering a TS escort, make sure you read our Safety Tips. We also recommend that you visit UK Punting for reviews and advice.

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