Make more money as an escort

Make more money as an escort with these 3 tips


How do you make more money as an escort?

It’s the age-old question – how do you increase your earnings? There’s no magic money tree unless you’re from a rich family or you have a sugar daddy. But with a few good tips and a push in the right direction, you’ll get close enough to that tree.

Don’t keep your money in cash

Cash is useless! It just sits there in your drawer or in your bank account. Your money should work for you – even when you sleep. What do we mean by that? We’ll give you an example.

Let’s say you’ve had £10,000 in your drawer for the last year. That £10k is still £10k today. Then, let’s say you’ve had £10,000 in your bank account. That’s also still £10k after a year. Of course it is, what’s the point?

Now, let’s say you’ve had £10,000 in Bitcoin for the last year. That £10k would now be £60k. Of course, Bitcoin has had a meteoric rise over the last year and there’s no guarantee it’s going to perform as well in the future but it’s not an asset that’s going away. A more conservative method of making your money work is investing in stocks. This time last year, Apple stock was trading at £56 and one year later it’s almost doubled in value to £93.

If you want to know more about investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies, we wrote a blog post on how to prepare for life after escorting. Here, we’re talking about how to invest, including app recommendations and specific assets that could be of interest.

Make your money work you!

Never keep it in cash!

Sell your videos online

Platforms like ManyVids and OnlyFans have made the sex industry one of the most lucrative industries over the last five years. Top earning performers who know how to market themselves are making six-figure salaries selling X-rated content online.

If you’re looking to do well on these platforms, you should look at the competition and analyse what they’re doing well. One TS performer who’s doing extremely well on ManyVids is Blondelashes19. Her branding is on point with plenty of colour and quirky fonts and she has a wide variety of content at different price levels. Carla Brasil is another performer who’s done well online. Carla’s built her X-rated portfolio on OnlyFans and is known for posting consistent, long-form content. She posts two long videos every week and one short video and her subscribers reward her for it. She’s currently on 80k likes and counting.

The key to achieving this level of success is a reasonable subscription price, long-form content, and consistency. You should look to rack up the likes early as that signals great content and increases the likelihood of people subscribing. Start with free subscriptions and charge a fee once you’ve racked up +1k likes.

We often see content creators that charge £30, £40, and sometimes £50 for a month’s subscription. This is a mistake. By the time someone pays £50 to subscribe to your channel, you could have made 50 x £10. Think about it like this. Netflix has over 6,000 titles available to their subscribers and they charge £9.99 for their Standard tier. That’s the sweet spot to attract subscribers and retain the ones already subscribed.

Would you pay £50 to subscribe to Netflix?

Get a good rent deal

While this doesn’t directly increase your income, it does increase your profit margin. The money escorts pay towards rent is often an overlooked factor when it comes to budgeting. It’s often good for business for escorts to live close to the city centre or in an area with good transport connections to it and that’s not cheap.

A one-bedroom apartment in a big city will take out a big chunk of your earnings. Two-bedroom apartments are more reasonable but would only make sense if you have a flatmate. To save money on rent, you could share the apartment with another escort.

You’ll find the best deals on Rightmove and Zoopla where landlords list their properties through estate agents. To rent through estate agents, you’d have to go through credit checks and provide a reference from your previous landlord. If you’re registered as self-employed and can provide self-assessments, this won’t be a problem. It gets a bit more difficult if you’re from a foreign country and have no references or work history in the UK.

As a rule of thumb, the money you pay towards rent should never be more than one-third of your income.

There you have it. We might not have given you the seeds for a magic money tree but hopefully you’ll feel inspired to go out there and make the right savings or make your money work for you. No one can guarantee that you’ll be making more money as an escort a year from now but with a little common sense, you should do just fine.

* None of the webcam models depicted on this page are escorts

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