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Top 3 things to ask from your sugar daddy

Oh, the things to ask from your sugar daddy. The list is probably long – but are you asking for the right things? Your youthful looks won’t last forever, and neither will your sugar daddy. You’ll get older, your looks will wane, and he’ll move on to the next young, hot thing. But if you’re […]

What entrepreneurial sex workers do differently

Entrepreneur – an overused word in business but a term that’s seldom used in the sex industry. Take Elle Brooke as an example. She’s an entrepreneurial sex worker from Manchester and founder of OnlyFans rival PocketStars. While Elle is undoubtedly unique in her approach, there are smaller steps you can take to encapsulate the entrepreneurial […]

How to prepare for a comfortable life after escorting

Why prepare for life after escorting? Well, the clock is ticking on your beauty. No one is immune to ageing, yet. While that sounds depressing, it’s important to understand that your time as attractive will come to an end and at some point, your income will decrease dramatically. In other industries, it’s standard procedure to […]

5 easy ways to get more calls as an escort

Getting more calls as an escort means more opportunities to earn money but how do you go about attracting more clients? It doesn’t have to be rocket science; the answers are in your advertising. A man’s sex drive can easily be set off by visual cues so make sure you always look your best and […]