The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July


Once again, we bring to you last month’s most popular TS escorts.

We reveal who was the punters’ favourites among the hundreds of girls on Trikz and we give you the stats and the data behind the rankings.

July’s been far from ordinary with ‘Freedom Day’ on the 19th and tourism slowly beginning to pick up after a year and a half. With most lockdown restrictions finally scrapped, we’ve seen an increase in traffic at Trikz and we expect a steady growth in traffic towards the autumn.

Now, let’s look at the most popular TS escorts in July.

#1 Aliyah Rose

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

Aliyah on Twitter

Aliyah on OnlyFans

Unsurprisingly, Aliyah is the queen of the pack once again.

Aliyah continues to dominate our rankings with almost three times the page views compared to her closest competitor. Last month, Aliyah was beat by Narjilla Hills on average time on page. This month, Aliyah dominates all statistics.

There’s no doubt Aliyah’s presence on the various porn sites is a driving force behind her dominant performance on Trikz. Her videos have millions of views and she’s one of the most popular TS escorts in the world at this moment in time.

Most of Aliyah’s visitors are from the UK. To be more specific, 76 percent of her traffic is from the UK and 33 percent are from London. From the data visible to us, we can see that Aliyah’s visitors are generally between the ages of 25 and 44.

Unless she decides to take down her listing, we predict that Aliyah will continue to be one of the most popular TS escorts on Trikz for months to come.

Visit Aliyah’s listing here.

#2 Clara Hot 11 Inch The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

Clara on Twitter

Clara on OnlyFans

Clara was last month’s third most popular escort on Trikz and has jumped one spot after a 23 percent increase in traffic to her listing in July.

More users from the UK are visiting Clara’s listing up three percent to 83 percent and 27 percent from London and eight percent from Glasgow. She also continues to be popular in Birmingham with six percent of her visitors coming from Brum.

Clare doesn’t yet have much of a presence online and it could well be our on-site promotions that are driving her popularity. Nevertheless, she continues to impress in our rankings and judging by her pictures, it’s no surprise why. Clara is a clear second with a 17 percent gap to our new entry at number three.

Visit Clara’s listing here.

#3 Bella Queen The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

Bella on Twitter

Bella on OnlyFans

This Italian stunner is our new entry at number three and among our most popular TS escorts.

Bella Queen, or Bella Morgan, is originally from Italy and has been in the game for some time now. While Bella appears to be one of the most popular TS escorts in terms of traffic to her listing, she seems to be experiencing some headwind on the review sites – namely UK Punting.

While negative reviews are obviously unfortunate, there’s no denying that the curiosity about Bella is higher than ever. Her fashion style is impeccable, and she’s fit from top to toe – no wonder her listing is popular.

We, of course, want our visitors to have the best possible experience when seeing a TS escort and we encourage our visitors to visit our Safety Tips page and read our blog on meeting a TS escort.

A little preparation goes a long way and will help you confirm whether the reviews are true well before you’re at her doorstep.

Visit Bella’s listing here.

#4 Bruna Anaconda The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

Bruna’s account was set up mid-June and she’s stormed to fourth place in our rankings since.

Little is known about Bruna. Her online presence isn’t as prominent as many of the other girls on Trikz, but that doesn’t seem to affect her popularity and deservedly, she was one of our most popular TS escorts in July.

She edged out last month’s second place Gabriela Pacheco only by a fine margin, but her visitor numbers saw a sharp increase towards the end of the month, which is a promising sign for the month of August.

Bruna tours a lot and that’s reflected in the visitor demographic. 15 percent of her visitors were from London, six percent from Manchester, and five percent from Birmingham.

We’re looking forward to seeing what August brings for Bruna. We predict a rise through the rankings among the most popular TS escorts on Trikz.

Visit Bruna’s listing here.

#5 Gabriela Pacheco The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in July

After last month’s performance, we were expecting Gabriela to challenge Aliyah for first place, but that didn’t happen – far from it. Gabriela lost three places in the rankings and she’s now number five.

However, fifth place isn’t bad at all, considering she’s our fifth most popular TS escort out of more than 200 TS escorts.

Her performance could have been better though, losing 33 percent of her traffic compared to June. On a positive note, her visitors are now more international. Last month, her visitors were 86 percent British whereas that percentage now sits 73.

Like Bruna, Gabriela’s visitor numbers climbed during the last week of July and we expect to see her challenge for the top spots again this month.

There’s no doubt that Gabriela is one of the most popular TS escorts at the moment.

Visit Gabriela’s listing here.

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