The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in June

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in June


Who were the most popular TS escorts last month? The results are in.

With the easing of lockdown restrictions, we’ve seen a steady grow in traffic on Trikz. Since coming out of full lockdown in April, we’ve seen a sharp increase in interest in TS escorts despite some restrictions remaining in place.

June was the month we were meant to see lockdown restrictions get lifted. We had all been looking forward to 21 June after Boris announced his ‘one way road to freedom’. To everyone’s disappointment, this didn’t happen and we’re instead eagerly anticipating the rescheduled ‘Freedom Day’ later this month.

Out of more than 200 listings on Trikz, here are the most popular TS escorts ranked in the order of unique pageviews.

#1 Aliyah Rose

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in June

Aliyah on Twitter

Aliyah on OnlyFans

Likely to be among the most popular TS escorts in the world, Aliyah shot to fame on Reddit and has since build a 200k following on Twitter.

The 20-year-old amateur pornstar boasts 50k likes on OnlyFans and a collection of over 200 saucy photos and videos.

As we understand it, Aliyah is only available for booking through OnlyFans, which adds to her mysterious aura and exclusive image.

What makes Aliyah so special is her natural, innocent look and her 7.5” cock.

Our visitors seem to be awestruck by Aliyah which is reflected in the average time spent on her page. Only one girl in the top five managed to keep our users longer on her page than Aliyah but more on that later.

Aliyah is a genuine star in the sex industry which gives her a massive boost when she’s escorting. That’s why she’s one of our most popular TS escorts in June… and one of the most popular TS escorts in the world.

Visit Aliyah’s listing here.

#2 Gabriela Pacheco

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in June

Not much can be found on Gabriela online and that might be intentional.

Nonetheless, she’s exceptionally fit and our users agree with that statement according to the data.

Gabriela has been attracting a steady audience throughout June but a strong surge in the tail end of the month meant that she cemented second place.

While Aliyah’s audience was more international with 25 percent of her traffic coming from abroad, Gabriela’s visitors were mainly UK based. More than 85 percent of Gabriela’s traffic was from the UK with almost half coming from London.

It’s really no surprise that she’s one of our most popular TS escorts. She’s well-presented in her photos and she’s got the stats and attributes to make you melt.

Visit Gabriela’s listing here.

#3 Clara Hot 11 Inch

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in June

Clara on Twitter

Clara on OnlyFans

It wasn’t much that separated Gabriela and Clara and it’s clear to see why.

Clara’s equipped with an 11” cock that will make you gasp for air – literally – and her natural features and high cheekbones really makes her scintillating to look at. We weren’t surprised to see that the average time spent on her page was third behind Aliyah.

Clara had a slow start in June, but her visitor numbers went up later in the month likely with the help of promotions and some stunning visuals (leading with an explicit photo is a good shout).

80 percent of Clara’s visitors were from the UK and 28 percent of these were from London. If we’re not mistaken, Clara had a short stint up north which is reflected in her stats. Just shy of 15 percent of her visitors were from north of London.

With a little more prowess, we might see Clara move up one spot in next month’s Most Popular TS Escorts.

Visit Clara’s listing here.

#4 Narjilla Hills

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in June

Narjilla was the only TS escort who was able to beat Aliyah – on one parameter at least.

On average, Narjilla has kept visitors longer on her page than Aliyah throughout June. Her audience is also more international than Aliyah’s, which is surprising given she hasn’t got an OnlyFans or a Twitter account (that we know of).

More than 30 percent of Narjilla’s visitors are from abroad and she might have a secret fanbase or community we’ve missed.

She does have her own website which is So, take a look at that to find out more about this gorgeous girl.

Although a fair bit off Aliyah’s visitor numbers, Narjilla is the dark horse in this race and she fully deserves a spot among our most popular TS escorts.

Visit Narjilla’s listing here.

#5 Russian Michelle

The 5 Most Popular TS Escorts in June

Michelle on OnlyFans

Michelle joined Trikz a week into June and was still able to blast past 200 competitors and into the top five.

Michelle had a particularly strong second half of the month, seeing her visitor numbers double on average. Her performance was no doubt powered by promotions but even with the help of promotions, she would still have had to attract the clicks.

The average time spent on her page is not as impressive as the rest of the top five and even though she looks incredible, more vibrant photos would do her justice.

Michelle’s visitors are from all over the UK which makes sense as she tours a lot. Newcastle and Glasgow are particularly strong cities for her.

We’re excited to see what Michelle can do with a full month. Our prediction is that she cracks the top two for July. She’ll continue to be one of our most popular TS escorts for sure.

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