What entrepreneurial sex workers do differently

What entrepreneurial sex workers do differently


Entrepreneur – an overused word in business but a term that’s seldom used in the sex industry. Take Elle Brooke as an example. She’s an entrepreneurial sex worker from Manchester and founder of OnlyFans rival PocketStars. While Elle is undoubtedly unique in her approach, there are smaller steps you can take to encapsulate the entrepreneurial spirit and create or extract value from your ventures.

We encourage you to think big but start small. As you make your way forward on your journey, opportunities will present themselves and eventually you’ll just have to say, ‘yes, please’ or ‘no, thank you’ as people present their ideas to you.

Make a name for yourself online

Don’t fall into the trap of constantly changing your name online. Many sex workers do this due to bad reviews. Instead, think like a musician or an actor. Your name is your trademark which will carry your business far beyond escorting.

Create accounts and stay visible on all the major online platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, OnlyFans, YouTube, XVideos, and aShemaleTube. Keep your feature length content behind a paywall on platforms like OnlyFans and use the rest for promotion. Focus on building a name for yourself and be upfront with customers about your offering. No one likes to subscribe to an OnlyFans channel to find nothing but 10-second videos.

Thinking about how to make the next £10 is short-term thinking and will get you stuck in a loop. You should think about the next £10,000 or £100,000. Work to retain customers and get them raving about you online. That’s how you make a name for yourself as a sex worker and that’s when your business will begin to take off.

Rack up the great reviews

Bad reviews will kill your business.

Great reviews will build your business.

Take Amazon as an example. Amazon prides themselves on being the most customer centric company in the world, and their customers reward them for it. You don’t have to be a multi-billion-dollar corporation to tap into Amazon’s success. It’s about simple human behaviour. We all want less friction.

Listen to your customers’ feedback and try to eliminate the issues that frustrate them. Tackle bad reviews head on with a positive mindset. If a customer has had a bad experience, make it your mission to convert him to a happy customer.

This is important across the board – from your OnlyFans account to your escort listings. The most successful entrepreneurial sex workers engage with their followers on Twitter and monitor their reviews on UK Punting.

Sound like hard work? You’ll reap the rewards before you know it, just ask Elle.

Have confidence in your rates (and don’t charge extras)

Imagine this. You’re taking your car to the garage to get it fixed. In a perfect world, you drop it off, they fix it, and you collect it. No upsells or hidden charges. In a not so perfect world, you drop it off, they miraculously discover a series of other issues, and you end up paying double. How would you review this garage online?

If you believe you’re worth £200 an hour, then that’s your price – end of story! Don’t list your price as £150 and charge £50 in extras. That’s friction and frustration for the customer and it will only spur negativity. If you decide to charge extras, be upfront about it as most people don’t carry extra cash around.

You can apply the same approach on OnlyFans. PPV is an excellent way to make extra income but be entrepreneurial about it and don’t spam your customers with £25 3-minute videos. Send a nice greeting to your customers when they subscribe and include a reasonably priced PPV video. Keep your mind on long-term success, not short-term gratification.

Structure your day

Your routine is your medicine.

It’s not easy to have a routine as a sex worker as clients tend to call at odd hours of the day but try to schedule your work hours and be consistent. You’re probably likely to have less clients in the morning so take that time out to yourself and try not to look at your phone during these hours.

Try to follow your biological clock and get up early – preferably around the same time from Monday to Friday. Lay the foundation for the day with a healthy breakfast and get a morning run or a gym session in before midday.

Calls will probably come in around midday and continue into the evening but try to take some evenings off to clear your mind and spend some quality time with friends or a partner.

Invest in your future

As a sex worker, you never know when your phone is going to ring. Sometimes you’ll have back-to-back sessions throughout the day and sometimes you’ll have long periods of downtime. It would be easy to shut your brain off during these periods and binge-watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians but try to stay disciplined and use this time to learn new things.

Instead of turning on the TV, watch a YouTube tutorial on business strategy or begin Google’s free Fundamentals of digital marketing course. Try to stay disciplined during the daytime hours and save the reality TV for evenings and weekends.

You won’t be able to rely on your beauty forever so it’s important to keep learning and develop new skills. We wrote a blog post on how to prepare for life after escorting which features advice on education and investments. Have a read and get inspired.

You don’t need a PhD to be an entrepreneurial sex worker; all you need is optimism, discipline, and an open mind. JustFor.Fans was created by a sex worker so get out there and build your empire.

* None of the webcam models depicted on this page are escorts

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